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Get to Know Me
So You Are Pregnant?
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Mommy and Me II
more pregnancy information

mommy   and   me

The first 2 months


~ for the first 8 weeks he is called an "embryo"

~ he looks like a tadpole

~ buds that will grow into his arms and legs appear

~ his heart and lungs begin to form

~ by the 25th day his heart starts to beat

~ neural tube that will become his brain and spinal cord begins to form

~ his major organs are forming

~ early stages of placenta, exchanges nutrients from your body for his waste products, are visible and working

~ his ears, ankles, and wrists are formed

~ his eyelids are formed, but still sealed shut

~ his fingers and toes are developed

~ by the end of the second month he looks more like a person than a tadpole and he is about 1 inch long and weighs less than 1 ounce


~ you will be tired (fatigued is more the word): your body is working hard, especially when you are resting. Don't push yourself too hard. When you are tired, rest, it is that simple.

~ you will have to urinate frequently: pressure of your growing uterus will press on your bladder increasing your trips to the bathroom

~ you may get morning sickness: you may get nausea with or without vomitting that can strike at any time during the day. Hints to help avoid or minimize: drink plenty of fluids; eat a diet high in protein and carbohydrates; avoid the sight, smell, and taste of foods that make you feel queasy; eat often before you feel hungry or nauseous; eat in bed - 10 to 20 minutes before you get up; get extra sleep and relaxation.

~ you may have new food dislikes or cravings: go ahead indulge yourself

~ your breasts may change: become fuller, heavy, tender or even tingle

~ mood swings, irrationality, and weepiness may stike you, much like the feelings you go through in premenstrual syndrome

~you may run the spectrum of emotions: misgivings, fear, joy, elation, etc.

Month 3


~ she is now called a fetus

~ her fingers and toes now have soft nails

~ there are 20 buds in her mouth that will become baby teeth

~ all her body organs can be recognized

~ her reproductive organs are developed but gender is still externally undistinguishable

~ by the end of the month she is 4 inches long and weighs a little over an ounce


~ you may still be tired

~ you probably are still urinating frequently

~ morning sickness may continue

~ you may begin to experience heartburn or indigestion

~ you will still have food dislikes and cravings

~ your breasts continue to change

~ you may feel constipated: constipation is enevitable in pregancy so you may want to begin taking steps to avoid it now. Add fiber to your diet; eat fresh fruit and vegetables; drink lots of water; drink prune juice in small amounts; walk for at least 1/2 hour a day.

~ your clothes may begin to feel tight: you are gaining weight. A healthy weight gain during your pregnancy is best for you and your baby. You should gain 25 - 35 pounds over the duration of your pregnancy. Breakdown of your weight gain: baby - 7.5 pounds; placenta: 1.5 pounds; amniotic fluid 1.75 pounds; uterine enlargement 2 pounds; maternal breast tissue 1 pound; maternal blood volume 2.75 pounds; fluids and maternal tissue 3 pounds; maternal fat 7 pounds = 26.5 pounds (weights are aproximate).

~ you may experince occasional headaches

~ you may become faint or dizzy

~ your appetite increases

~ you may feel irritabile and weepy

~ your emotional roller coaster will continue