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So You Are Pregnant
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Month 8


~ he continues to gain weight

~ his brain goes rapidly this month

~ he is getting too big to move around much, but he can kick strongly: look closely at you belly you may be able to make out an elbow or foot

~ the bones of his head are still soft: this makes it easier for him to go through the birth canal

~ he has an excellent chance of survival if he was born this month

~ by the end of this month he will 18 inches long and will weigh close to 5 pounds


~ you will still have a whitish vaginal discharge

~ you may still be constipated: remember fresh fruits and veggies and drink plenty of water

~ heartburn and indigestion may continue

~ you will still have a hearty appetite

~ your legs may get cramps and may swell: remember to lay down as often as you can

~ you may get a dark line up the middle of your belly

~ your breasts will continue to leak

~ he will be crowding your lungs and stomach: you may feel shortness of breath and may need to eat smaller meals more frequently

~ you may feel Braxton-Hicks contractions

~ your absent mindedness will continue

~ you may still be bored and/or anxious

~ contact your doctore right away if you have any of these warning signs ~ bleeding or a gush of fluid from your vagina ~ cramps, stomach pain or a dull backache ~ blurry vision, or spots before your eyes ~ feeling that the baby is pushing down ~ noticeable decrease in the baby's movements ~ more than 5 contactions in an hour

Month 9


~ at 38 to 40 weeks she is considered full term

~ her lungs are mature and ready to function on their own

~ she will gain about half a pound a week this month

~ she should drop down into a head down position

~ she is ready to be born soon


~ when she "drops" you will be able to breathe easier but you will have to urinate more frequently and you will have to get used to the new sensation of her kicking you in the ribs

~ your belly button may stick out

~ your cervix will begin to dilate (open up) and efface (thin out)

~ you may have increased swelling of your ankles, feet and maybe hands and face

~ you may get leg cramps during sleep

~ your vaginal discharge may become heavier and contain mucus which may be streaked with blood or tinted brown or pink

~ you may become imaptient and restless

~ you may continued apprehension and anxiety

~ you may experience relief because you are almost there