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So You Are Pregnant
the beginning of the pregnancy pages
Mommy And Me III
more pregnancy information

mommy   and   me   II

Month 4


~ he sleeps and wakes

~ he can move and kick

~ he can swallow

~ he can hear your voice

~ his skin is pink and transparent

~ his umbilical cord is still growing so it can carry nourishment from you to him

~ the placenta is fully formed

~ he can pass urine

~ his eyebrows have formed

~ by the end of the month he is 6 to 7 inches long and weighs about 5 ounces


~ you may still be fatigued

~ your urinary frequency will decrease

~ your nausea and vomitting will decrease

~ your appetite should increase now that morning sickness is fading

~ you may start feeling constipated

~ you may have occasional headaches

~ you may have faintness and diziness

~ you may start to experience nasal congestion and occasional nosebleeds: probably due to high levels of estrogen in your body

~ your feet and ankles may have mild swelling

~ you may have slight whitish vaginal discharge

~ you may have a darkening line running from the top to the bottom of your abdomen: this is called linea nigra. This is just the hormones in your body, nothing to worry about.

~ you may have patches of darkened skin on your forehead, nose or cheeks. This is called chloasma or the "mask of pregnancy." Again no worries it will fade after pregnancy.

~ your belly will begin to show: you may need to start looking into maternity clothes as well as some bigger bras

~ you may begin to feel frustration at your shrinking wardrobe and growing belly

~ you may start experincing spells of joy and or apprehension: especially when you start to feel fetal movement

~ by the end of the month you may start to feel fetal movement: the sensations when you first feel the movement have been discribed a couple of different ways - "fluttering" - almost like the wings of a butterfly or small bird - feels almost like ting gas bubbles popping deep inside you.

Month 5


~ she now turns side to side and even head over heels

~ her finger nails have grown to the tips of her little fingers

~ she now sleeps and wakes at regular intervals

` by the end of the month she will weigh about a pound and she will be 8 to 12 inches long


~ you will begin to feel her move if you haven't already: make sure you tell your doctor as soon as you start feeling it

~ your uterus is now as tall as your belly button

~ your heart will beat faster

~ you may start having leg cramps, especially at night: make sure you are getting plenty of calcium as a lack of calcuim can cause the cramps

~ your vaginal discharge will probably increase

~ you may be constipated: remember FRESH FRUITS & VEGGIES!!!

~ you may be having backaches: some tips to avoid or minimize: don't give more than the recommended amount of weight; don't wear high heels: learn to lift properly;