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from    the    heart    III

For My Abby Girl

Looking back on memories of love
You are the most precious of all
How I pray to the Lord above
That He'll protect my baby doll.

You'll always be my shining star
For you are a special part of me
I'll always wonder how you are
And someday you'll let me see.

Please remember I did what was best
It was the hardest thing I've ever done
Maybe life is just one big test
Yours has only just begun.

Knowing I did the right thing
Will always help to get me through
Though it tears at my heart strings
Abigail Alyce, I'll always love you

 ~ Susie


My Son & Me...

Shattered glass
A million pieces
Slowly falling to the floor
Each piece a part of me.
The worst times I've ever known.
Every person I've ever met.
For one year, day, or minute
Many good times, sad times...
and even bad
Of these many pieces
Reflecting the light
Are two perfect people.
- At least in my eyes.
One daughter 
and one son.
Mine to love and cherish
Forever till I die
Then along comes a family
walking by way.
One of them sees my son
Winking in the light.
They pick him up
Brush him off
And put him in their pocket.
Taking away that piece of perfect soul
One part of me is gone
Forever missing from my soul;
But, if you look carefully,
Reflected in the shattered glass you will see
an impect image
of my son and me.



The Mother of My Son

Her hand upon my shoulder
Crying tears of joy...
As our child comes into the world.
Eyes bright with Love,
She puts him in my arms.
Her had on his cheek,
My arms snug about him...
He is surrounded by the Love
of the mother of my son and I.




How many times have I heard
the word "choose" in this sense?
That I CHOSE not to Parent
a child of my womb.
That I CHOSE not to Love
a piece of my Soul.
That I CHOSE not to hear
his very first laugh.
That I CHOSE not to hold him
deep into the night.
That I CHOSE not to help him
walk his very first step.
What I REALLY did "CHOOSE" was
A family to Love him
as much as they could.
A house to be his home
with his very own bed.
A better Life that I could provide
In my circumstance.
And although I know that I can never have back
those things that I've never lost.
I know that he has them.
And that must be enough.


From My Heart IV
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