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From    My    Heart

You are mine today
But not for our tomorrows
I love you in every way
And for now put off my sorrows
You are growing fast
In my belly that I can see
Our days won't last
But they are the best they can be
I read to you
And sometimes you dance
I'm doing all I can 
Loving you while I have the chance
I hope someday you'll see
Maybe even understand
Why you and I just can't be 
And how all this wasn't planned
That we grew as one
In tenderness and love
With laughter and fun
Moments delivered from above
You are mine today
And for our tomorrows
In a speical way
That love will ease my sorrows


For a few short hours
She'll be ours
Then wisked away
To her new someday
Her little arms
Reach for someone else in harm
Her soft eyes
Cry for their goodbyes
Does it make you sad
Maybe even a little mad
That you'll never hold your lil' girl
When you're her only dad in the world
Overlook your heartache
There's much more at stake
Our family time you'll miss
And the answer to my only wish


With no memories of us
You'll be leaving me soon
My arms will be empty
My life in ruin
Its hard to believe
I could love you so much
When I haven't seen you
Or met you as such
For just a few moments longer
Our bond in tact
I'm your only mother
A fading fact
Our memories soon painted
By another's words
Our stories and bonds
From another we've heard
So while you're still mine
Let me just say
I hope a real bond
We'll share again someday


Snatched from my arms
With tears in their eyes
Thank you so much
Was all they could cry
No "I'm sorries"
For my broken heart
Or worries for 
My life's new start
Do they know
That each day
I fight an urge
In every way
To run to her
And hold her tight
To be the one
She kisses goodnight
Do they know
The pain I feel
What I took on
To make their dream real
As they snatched her away
Did they have a clue
Could they even see
What my "gift" would do

From My Heart II
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