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Birthmothers need a place to gather, feel safe, vent, share stories, and support each other. So whether you are considering adoption, going through an adoption, or finding your role as a birthmother come in. I have created these pages to tell my story and connect with you.

Other sites of stories, courage, and support

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help and advice on pregnancy and adoption
Melissa's story
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Collection of adoption stories
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Birthmother Chat
info on how to join an icq bmom chat
Celebrate Adoption, Inc.
promotes positive image of adoption
Adoption Triad Outreach
a chance to meet and chat with members of the triad

In    Our    Healing    We    Find    Our    Strength

In a journey of self discovery and strength of heart we will heal. We will find relief in our tears, joy despite of pain, and bond few will ever know.

Who could help more in such a journey than others who know our pain intimately. It is time birthmothers came together to laugh, cry, and heal. As we share our stories with each other and the world we will dispell the myths that birthmothers are baby machines or loose or unfeeling.

We can heal ourselves, each other, and the world...with every beat of our hearts.

I need someone to talk to
Who knows my pain
Who knows what I'm going through
Whose tears fall like rain

I need someone to talk to 
Who knows the ache like no other
Who knows the pain, the pride too
Who is a birthmother...

If you are pregnant and considering adoption please go to the pregnancy pages I have created here. You will find information on agencies, pre-natal care, doulas, labor and delivery advice, and my suggestions for things to do for you and your baby while you are pregnant and planning for adoption.


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