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eating   for   two

Remember now that you are eating for you and your baby. What you eat will help your baby grow and develop. Choose foods that are good for both of you.

The Food Guide Pyramid below will help you choose the foods you eat and help you maintain a blance diet. As well as the foods on the pyramid remember to drink 6 to 8 glasses a day of milk, juices, and water.

folic   acid

Folic acid is a B vitamin found mainly in green leafy vegetables, beans, asparagus, and liver. You need to take 0.4 milligrams every day. This will help protect your unborn baby from certain birth defects of the spine or brain, like spina bifida, or "open spine." It is hard to get enough folic acid in everyday eating, so you should be sure to take a multi vitamin, and/or your prenatal vitamins.

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The information above was gathered from the March of Dimes "Eating for Two" brochure.