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Get to Know Me
A Series of Blessings II
more of the people who helped me

a    series    of    blessings

The first few blessings I found had actually been with me for a while, some longer than others, but it took something as major as the adoption to make me really see them.

Returning home to live with my family in the town I had gone to high school in wasn't easy and it didn't get any easier with the news of my unplanned pregnancy. But I found that things happen for many reasons, often unseen at the time.

If I had stayed in Jersey throughout my pregnancy and delivery I would never have found the people who helped me through every step and heart ache.


Confirmation of my pregnancy was a tear jerker, to say the least. The tears ranged from absolute fear to amazement when I heard her first heart beat. But as I struggled with my options and my feelings my doctor put her arms around me and told me it would be an honor to deliver my child, no matter what my parenting decision was.

An honor? Those words amazed me. Here I was 22, unemployed, and pregnant yet someone was honored to help me.

At every new step there she was with a hug and words of wisdom that I came to rely on. She met the adoptive parents the same weekend I did for the first time. She even attended the Entrustment Ceremony that we had for the Squirt.

In nine months she went from just my doctor to a woman I cherish and admire in and out of the office.


After the intial shock, fear, and anger wore off, my family pledged to support me in whatever I chose. The safety I felt in that was only topped by the relief I found when my father found my next blessing over the internet, my agency.

My family showed an out pouring of support, each in their own special way - a way that they could feel comfortable. From frequent hugs to clothing to words of praise and support to braving their own heartaches to help with the squirt's arrival.