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So You Are Pregnant
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My Birth Plan
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step   by   step

A birth plan lets all that are to be involved with your baby's birth (doctors, nurses, social workers, adoptive parents, doulas, etc) what you want and need. It also gives you a chance to learn about labor, delivery, and how you want things to go. Put in everything you can think of, but remember that this is not set in can change your mind as things progress.

Your Choice of Steps

~ location: you need to think of where you want to give birth (home, hospital, birthing center) find out what options are available near you and what your insurance will cover

~ location again: where do you want to spend most of your labor...where will you be most comfortable. Keep in mind labors can be long choose a place where you will be comfortable

~ people: think of the people you want to be with you through out labor and delivery, Who makes you feel at ease? You will definetly want your birth coach or doula. If you are close to the adoptive family maybe consider having them with you too.

~ what kind of breathing and relaxation techniques do you want to use?

~ do you want to eat and drink throughout the second stage of labor?

~ do you want the freedom to move around and/or bath during the second stage of labor?

~ you need to know about the procedures that may need to be done or offered to you throughout labor and delivery and what you feel about them is important too

~ do you want induced labor, if so when? if not, is there a time when you would consider it, when is that?

~ do you want an iv during labor and delivery? be aware that some hospitals require at least a heperin lock - so they can hook you up to an iv in case of emergency

~ do you want your bag of waters ruptured artificially? sometimes this will help speed up labor

~ do you want continuous fetal monitoring? if you want the freedom to move and change postions throught labor this could make it difficult, find out your birthing locations policies on this too

~ do you want internal fetal monitoring? this is sometimes easier to keep track of the baby's heart rate once the second stage of labor continues

~ do you want the doctor to use a vacuum extractor or forceps to aid delivery?

~ do you want a cesarean birth?

~ do you want to use stirrups during labor and delivery?

~ do you want an epsiotomy or would you rather risk a perineal tear? both have their pros and cons...matter of personal choice. Find out what your doctor practices.

~ do you want narcotic pain relief?

~ do you want an epidural during labor?

~ do you want pictures taken throughout labor and delivery?

~ do you want a circumcision if it is a boy? it might be nice to check with the adoptive family in what their personal or religious feelings are about this

~ do you want to see, hold, or be with your baby after delivery?

~ do you want your baby to stay in your room with you?

~ if the baby stays in the nursery what kind of access do you want the adoptive parents to have to the child?

~ do you want to breastfeed or formula feed the baby?