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Get to Know Me

birth    plan

I would like to inform all those who are to be involved with the birth of my child of situation we are both facing after birth. We are involved in an open adoption. Shortly after birth I will relinquish custody. This makes the time I spend in the hospital with the baby the only time we will have together; thus making it very precious. It is the adoption that influenced me in most of my decisions in or around the birth.


~ My mother and my doula, Liz, are to be my support people

~ Support to remain with me at all times

~ Do not want induced labor, unless February 15th comes and no baby

~ Do not want augmented labor unless medically necessary

~ Want freedom to move around, bathe or whatever to maintain "comfort" during labor

~ Want to eat and drink at will throughout labor

~ Want freedom to change positions throughout second stage of labor

~ Do not want continuous fetal monitoring unless absolutely necessary

~ Do not mind having pain medication, but I do not want drugs that will knock me out or cloud my memory (in vaginal or c-section)

~ In case of c-section, I do not want post-operative sedatives, pain medication okay...nothing that will knock me out

~ In case of pain medication - if I reach the point where I want it and am close to "finish" - would prefer not to have medication, just stepped up support and reassurance

~ Do not want an episiotomy unless absolutely necessary, would like to take steps prior to and throughout labor and delivery to avoid

~ If emergency situations arise for either baby or myself I still want to be informed of all procedures - unless life threatening

~ Want to be informed of any and all procedures involving baby

~ Want time with the baby immediately after birth

~ Would like circumsion

~ Want baby with me as long as we're both in hospital

~ Baby will formula feed

~ Baby will feed on demand

~ Want adoptive family to be able to visit with me in the hospital

~ Want adoptive family to have full access to the baby if the baby is in the nursery and unlimited visiting privileges

~ Want adoptive family to take the baby home from the hospital once I have signed the appropriate release forms